Akindale Thoroughbred Rescue

We spent a few long days at Akindale farm in Pawling upstate New York, working with a charming and characterful bunch of retired racehorses.

Anyone seen the model?

Akindale's manager Erin Pfister with Three Times Bea.

This serene sunrise vista belies the fact that Bea was by far the most energetic of our models!

Stacey Roca with TV Hunter

Robert Redford has nothing on me!

This little fella tailed me throughout the whole 4 dayshoot

Evening Attire. This older statesman is used to all the attention.

 Taken With a view to having an exhibition to raise awareness for a great cause. These retired racehorses were lucky to find a home at Akindale farm thoroughbred rescue.

My aim was to present them with dignity, in the style of the classic horse portrait painters.

This is part of an ongoing project for me, one that I am finding immense pleasure partaking in.

Evening Attire. Earned winnings of $2,977,130. He last raced in 2008. A true legend.



Megalithic. He found a home the day after this was taken. Last raced in 2012

TV Hunter.

Three Times Bea. Three year old filly recently retired.