From Boxhill to The Royal Academy Piccadilly

 As this is a new blog, I'll bring you up to speed:

Since acquiring a cabin in the woods in Surrey, Leon has split his time working on commercial projects in London and personal work around the Boxhill area.

This has involved scrambling through the surrounding woods and heathland with his 5x4 field camera.

Leon returned to this spot each season. 

Miss Pegs

 "It's worth the effort" he says, as film and large format cameras, being technically more difficult to expose and compose, slows the process down and creates a more visceral experience.

Also, with the view to exhibiting the images as large scale prints, the overall quality of the finished work is enhanced when originally shot on film.

The Four Seasons.

The result thus far has been a landscape series called "Boxhill", part of an ongoing project.

One of the images from the series has been selected from 11'000 entries for The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2010.

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You can read more about the series and the selected image on the Monacoreps blog.